With TritonTM, Power Your Counting Protocol

Driving Surgical Safety Protocols with A.I.

1 in 5,500 surgeries

Surgical sponges are the most common object retained in a patient, occurring in 1 of every 5,500 surgeries.

A.I.-enabled counting

Triton leverages A.I. to ensure all sponges are accounted for by using multiple scanning methods to count sponges.

Cost savings with Triton

Triton Count users save over 50% compared to other products and are not required to use expensive proprietary sponges.

Retained Sponges are a Common Occurrence

When surgical teams leave an item in a patient, it’s almost always a sponge. Retained sponges can lead to serious complications and often require costly interventions.

Power Counting Protocols with Triton

Triton uses A.I. to scan surgical sponges and counter bags with the iPhone, accounting for all sponges at the end of a procedure. No proprietary sponges necessary.

No Proprietary Sponges, Just the iPhone

Existing sponge counting solutions require high upfront costs and expensive proprietary sponges. At GaussTM, we leverage the simplicity and ubiquity of an iPhone to keep costs low and ROI high.

Track Surgical Sponges with Confidence.