Triton OR

Blood loss monitor for the operating room

  • FDA cleared system enables real time monitoring of surgical blood loss¹
  • Provides objective metric for assessment of hemorrhage status
  • Supports clinical decision-making related to transfusion appropriateness

State of the art technology

  • iPad based app centralizes blood loss measurement and monitoring
  • Feature Extraction Technology™ effectively measures blood content independent of non-sanguineous fluids
  • Integrates into existing sponge counting workflow and suction canister fluid collection

Accuracy and Performance

+ 5+ clinical studies validate accuracy and precision, with experience in the obstetric setting
+ Superior accuracy when compared to visual estimation and weighing of sponges2,3
+ Demonstrated impact on transfusion decision-making and ability to predict postoperative hemoglobin levels4,5


Triton’s Accuracy vs Visual Estimation and Gravimetric Method in Elective Surgery and Cesarean Delivery Cases

Accuracy comparison of the Triton's calculation of cumulative sponge EBL per patient with onsite methods of assessing blood loss on sponges (visual estimation and gravimetric method). Visualization of the distribution of differences between each method and the assay EBL (reference standard).


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