AI-enabled platform for real time blood loss monitoring


Triton OR

Blood loss monitor for the operating room

  • Captures blood loss collected by surgical sponges and suction canisters while integrating into OR workflow

  • Superior accuracy when compared to visual estimation and gravimetric methods

  • Demonstrated impact on transfusion decision- making and ability to predict postoperative hemoglobin levels


Triton L&D

Blood loss monitor for vaginal delivery and postpartum care

  • Streamlines QBL by providing a simplified user experience

  • Customizes list of blood absorbent items with pre-set dry weights

  • Automatically calculates blood loss of weighted items

  • Allows for batch weighing and integration of v-drape volume


FDA Clearance Reference Numbers: K K163507, K142801
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21 CFR section 880.2740

For more information on Triton System and Triton Canister System please refer to LB 06002 and LB 6004 Gauss Surgical Inc. 334 State St. Los Altos, CA 94022