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Gauss Surgical develops real time blood monitoring solutions to provide an accurate and objective estimation of blood loss - helping to optimize transfusion decisions, recognize hemorrhage status and improve patient outcomes.

National Standards for QBL

The Joint Commission - Sentinel Event Alert1

A leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality is failure to recognize excessive blood loss during childbirth

AWHONN Practice Brief2

AWHONN recommends that cumulative blood loss be formally measured or quantified after every birth

ACOG National Maternal Health Initiative3

We must quantify, not estimate blood loss at delivery

CMQCC Hemorrhage Bundle4

Ongoing evaluation of quantitative cumulative blood loss drives the hemmorhage protocol

Triton OR is an FDA cleared system that enables real time monitoring of surgical blood loss, integrated into the workflow of the operating room. Triton accurately estimates blood content independent of non-sanguineous fluids on sponges and suction canisters by applying a proprietary algorithm to images captured by an iPad.

Triton L&D streamlines QBL in vaginal deliveries and postpartum recovery settings by integrating an iPad-based app with a Bluetooth scale to create a simple user experience. Triton L&D, coupled with Triton OR, provides a comprehensive solution for hospital obstetrics departments.

Gauss Surgical provides solutions that help drive quality for hospitals and outcomes for patients. By partnering with Gauss, hospitals get access to training, technology, analytics and a passionate team of innovators looking to transform patient care. Contact us to start the conversation.



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  5. Triton OR consists of Triton Sponge and Triton Canister apps
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