Power your Hemorrhage Protocol

with AI



AI-enabled platform for real time monitoring of surgical blood loss



Comprehensive Solution for Obstetric Hemorrhage

The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world1. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 60 percent of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable2. Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading preventable cause of maternal morbidity and mortality3. Improved recognition and response to bleeding is an important key to addressing this tragic trend.


Triton OR

Real-time, accurate blood loss estimation in the operating room. Integrates within the sponge counting workflow to automatically scan lap sponges. Blood loss in the suction canister captured even with the presence of non-sanguineous fluids4.


Triton QBL

Simplified QBL. Triton QBL is an iPad and iPhone compatible app linked to a Bluetooth scale to provide accurate quantification of blood loss on sponges and other substrates in labor and delivery and postpartum. Integrated hemorrhage protocols and provider alerts deliver real-time guidance to clinicians and facilitate communication to enable rapid response during an emerging hemorrhage5.